Wednesday, June 30, 2010

God is Radical

What? Who me? You must mean someone else, Lord. This was my reaction when God first stirred our hearts toward adoption. Actually, this was my reaction throughout the adoption process, and still is my reaction, periodically, as I parent our four children.

As most engaged couples do, Don and I discussed children before we were married. We were thirty years old and each had a son. I told Don that I had always wanted two children. He said the same. Two. (Although, I also thought I’d have girls, so I was shocked when I learned I was pregnant with JT. But, that’s a different story.) As our conversation developed, we decided to add one more to our ready-made family.

Kenneth was born two years after we were married. I settled into my role as a home school mom, and later, a pastor’s wife. By the time Kenneth was four, we were cruising along enjoying the rhythm of our lives. My older boys were fairly independent in their school work. And, Kenneth didn’t need round-the-clock attention. I loved our country home, church, and home school friends.

That’s where I was, mentally and physically, when God poked at my heart about adopting (see previous post). Maybe I was too complacent in my relationship with Him. Or maybe it isn’t about me at all. That’s a radical idea. But, isn’t our God a radical God? He calls us to make radical decisions - decisions that others can look at and say, “Only God could do that.” Isn’t that how we reflect His heart?

What radical decision has God asked of you?

For His Glory! Barb :-)

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