Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Missouri Heart Gallery Project

The Mark Twain Museum will have a special exhibit from June 30 to July 5th. It is unique in that this exhibit will feature photos and stories about children in foster care. “Their interests are different, but these children all have one thing in common: they reside in foster homes and will never return to their biological parents. They – and more than 2,000 other children like them in Missouri – need ‘forever’ homes.”*

Mixed emotions flowed as I read about this event. My first thoughts and feelings were delight and excitement that the needs of these children are being recognized. Then, as I browsed the pictures, tears rolled down my checks. My heart breaks for God’s precious children who are without families. God has called us to care for widows and orphans. As Christians, we have stood against abortion and proclaimed that there are no unwanted children. Yet, there are thousands in Missouri alone. The Church has a huge task before her. We are not all called to adopt. But, we are all called to do something. I pray that God will use this event to find “forever homes” for these children.

Click here for photos and stories of these children:


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  1. The pictures of these children bring tears to my eyes. They are all older or special needs children, the ones "nobody wants". Even at 14, 15, 16 years old they still want a family that will share in their joys, accomplishments, and struggles. I pray that God will bless each one with a loving forever family.