Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Orphan Size Me

Perhaps you have seen the 2004 film “Super Size Me.” This documentary follows Morgan Spurlock through a 30-day period during which he eats only McDonald’s food in order to expose this lifestyle's drastic effects on his physical and psychological well-being. Peter Travers of Rolling Stone reviewed the film with the words, “I’m lovin’ it.”

We at CARE want to present a challenge we hope will get you to say, “I’m loving them.” From October 31st until Orphan Sunday, November 6th, Pastor Don will stand in solidarity with orphans around the world by eating the same simple meals they eat each day—cornmeal mush and water for breakfast and rice and beans for the other two meals.

We invite you to join Pastor Don his last day. Many people dine out after their worship service. On Orphan Sunday, November 6th, eat the same simple meal of rice and beans that many orphans will eat. Afterward, donate what you would have spent dining out to an adoption/orphan ministry. Of course, we’d love for you to donate to Christian Adoption Resources & Education for Hancock Co., IL, but this is not about us. It’s about caring for orphans. So if you would prefer to give elsewhere, there are several other adoption and orphan ministries listed on our website Drop us a note if you plan to stand with us to “defend the cause of the weak and fatherless; maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed. (Psalms 82:3) Let’s all say, “I’m loving them.”

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